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Ready to take charge of your life?

I'm Christina Luke, I support you on your journey of connecting with your intrinsic power and upleveling your life, career and relationships.

Transform your life with therapeutic life coaching support

Our work is a journey. A journey of self realisation, growth and mind shifting change. A journey from feeling trapped to feeling free, confident and powerful. A journey of creating a life you love to live.


My clients have all been where you are and now, they took charge of their own lives, created opportunities for themselves in their careers and businesses, hitting income goals they have been dreaming about, ended toxic relationships and replaced them with peace and harmony, created a love life that feels authentic to them and freed up time to spend it with the people they love.  

Here's how I can help you do the same:


1:1 Therapeutic Coaching Support

Receive tailored support and personal access to me through my 12-week signature programme, "Becoming Her".



Transformational Group Coaching

With professional guidance and like minded community, create awareness and real change in all areas of your life.


VIP  Days To Relax & Connect

Connect with the Fierce & Femme movement while pampering yourself with luxury spa retreats or join in our conversations over a brunch.

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I help introverted, professional women to connect with their intrinsic power, heal and move forward, so they feel free, confident and happy in all areas of their lives, from relationships to career.

Growing up in an abusive external family home, my basic needs for love, safety and reassurance weren't met. Later in my adulthood, this void inside me had become the root problem of many areas in my life.


I was on top of my career but deep inside, I felt empty and disconnected from myself. Soon I had to face the reality of the only choice I had for a happy life: I had to fill up my own cup, learn to forgive, move on and build up my own sense of self worth, love and care.

Today, I can live my full potential happily both in my relationships and career. A huge reason why I was able to do this was the power of therapeutic life coaching that allowed me to see myself from another perspective, bring awareness to my own patterns and blockages, and reconnect with my intrinsic value and power.

Now as a certified and accredited therapeutic life and well-being coach, I am going to show you how to do the same.

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