The POWER of Self-Discovery

The Evolution of a Woman,

to Love the Life, She Loves to Live.


Hello Fierce Femme

Thank you for taking the first step in putting yourself first, and on the way to getting all you deserve. ...Yes, you are worth it.

My Name is Christina Luke - I'm an online Therapeutic Life & Well-Being Coach.

As an internationally certified Master of NLP, Life Coaching, Timeline therapy, Hypnosis and Counselling skills. And most importantly having lived life experiences, overcoming my own challenges and blocks. To evolve in to the women I was destined to be. I want to help you do the same because you're worth it.  .

I work with Introverted Professional Women that have experienced trauma, rejection, or abandonment at some point in their lives.


If you are stressed, anxious, irritated, frustrated, and tired with life. I will show you how to overcome your overwhelming thoughts and feelings. 


I will support you to break through the 3Bs, your emotional Baggage, Blocks, and self Blameo remove, To be unapologetically You and Live a Life you Love to Live. Confident, Happy, Loved, and Successful

I do this through Complete Life Coaching, workshops, and group programmes


I offer you a private, non-judgemental, guilt-free space to work through and overcome your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and any problems you may be facing in life.

You will develop and gain the Courage, Confidence and Commitment needed to show up in the world as your authentic self, trusting yourself, becoming successful and having a life full of abundance. 


Making Your Dream Life a Reality

Maybe you are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, overthinking, and worrying about the following issues. Your finances, health, self-image, work-life balance, lack of time or your relationship with others.


Has this left you feeling anxious, pressured, worried, angry, frustrated, or feel that you lack progression in your life? Then Complete Life Coaching could be the solution for you. While talking to a complete stranger about your problems may seem like a daunting, if not a terrifying prospect, I am here to tell you that it is anything but. In fact, it is often easier to speak with a professional because you can speak about your honest thoughts and opinions without worrying about any judgement, opinion or ridicule - this is not always the case when talking to a friend or relative about your struggles.


Complete Life Coaching is an invaluable service that helps you gain awareness, understanding and perspective of your thoughts, behaviours and mindset. Releasing the 3B's your  Baggage, Blocks and Blame and your inner resistance which is holding you back from progressing, allowing for positive changes. finally getting and achieving the outcomes and goals you want in life.

I will work with you and will teach you The Complete Life Coaching high-value solutions through a customised blend of theory, techniques, interventions and skills, tailored directly to achieving your unique outcomes. creating the life you have always dreamt of on your own terms. My coaching style seeks to inculcate emotional intelligence for women in a way that provides psychological fitness, as a foundation for building a sustainable legacy of emotional health and wealth. 

My core values are centred around love, integrity, commitment, excellence and empowerment. I care about people and their needs.  My moto is, IT'S OK TO TALK, as I believe the Power of Self-Discovery  is birthed in such conversations. 


Our Complete Life Coaching sessions will provide a safe place to talk. There is no set agenda, no right or wrong way to talk, just you and I discussing things like two adults. It is completely free from judgement and everything discussed during a session remains confidential.

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I will provide a welcoming, stress-free environment where we can have an open conversation about you. Sometimes I don’t even do much of the talking, instead, guiding you to open up and discover more about yourself, your problems, and ways to solve and cope with these. Complete Life Coaching is a journey that we take together. There may be some unwelcome stops along the way that you find testing, but this is all part of the experience to facilitate positive change in your life.

I am also a strong advocate of coaching as a key to feminine growth
The time is now!
To take back control of your life, to live unapologetically happy, fulfilled, content, and to sleep easy.  

Get Fierce 

Complete Life Coaching will help you create the Life you Love to Live, on your own terms.

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Christina Luke @ Compleat Life Coaching