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4 Step Technique
to Tame your Emotional Trauma

The emotional TRAUMA of rejection, neglect, abandonment, loss, conflict, or betrayal

Can leave deep wounds. We often feel the harmful effects in our body, mind, and soul.


Besides the emotional pain of the relationship we must leave behind, there are also mental and physical effects that we must heal from in order to move forward into the new future without the pain.


This technique has been proven to help reduce the painful effects of loss and break-ups.

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What Clients say about Compleat Life Coaching


@Danielle Frazer – Teacher - Birmingham, United Kingdom

I feel like a better person, a better women, a better queen, a better mother, and friend. I have the strategies to set my goals and I feel motivated to achieve them. Thank you Christina, I can definitely call myself a Female Sovereign.


@Freya Begum – Mental health Student - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Working with Christina has allowed me to gain confidence within myself, confidence that I didn’t even know I had. I feel I am more powerful than I ever realised. You’ve made me feel a lot more confident, a lot more stronger and a lot more happier. I recommend everyone to join.


@Donna Storrod – PA to Vice Chancellor - Birmingham, United Kingdom

I have learnt in the last 6 weeks how to release my inner thoughts. Being able to talk openly and freely amongst this group of lovely women. In three weeks I was able to drop three dress sizes. I would recommend anyone to come onto the programme, just being able to be your true self has been great.

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