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The Fierce & Femme Sister Circle

To all the Fierce Femmes out there in need of a safe space to offload, connect, be heard, supported, and have accountability for the month ahead

Let us get together to unleash and realise just how much we can achieve as a sisterhood in more ways than one! 

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Next session 11th November 2021


Join an exclusive group of women who are seen, supported, and heard

Do you wish you could find someone who…

⮚ Understands you?

⮚ Has been through what you are going through?

⮚ Won't judge you?

⮚ Have listening ears and rooting for your success?

Experience the healing power of story, sharing, and support at Fierce & Femme Sister Circle

Share, Offload, Support

Next session 14th October 2021

Are You Fierce And Feminine?

I get it; life isn't always what we hope for.

As women, challenges often throw us off the rail.

And maybe you’ve experienced trauma…


Or abandonment at some point in your life.

My goal here is to tell you that you can be fierce and feminine again.

You can stand up for what you believe in even when others think otherwise

You can be a woman who does the best for herself and her family

And brave enough to be who you want to be.

You can be these and so much more once again regardless of what life has thrown at you.

I trust you

I believe you

I’m rooting for you through the Fierce and Femme Sister Circle

An intimate group of 11 women…

You can call it a safe place, a sacred circle, or an offload space, and you will be correct.

Next session 11th November 2021

At the Fierce and Femme Sister Circle;

You connect deeply with other women in a group where you will be appreciated and accepted.

● You have access to a space of shared vulnerability to breathe out, be seen, cry, and laugh with women of like-minds

● We welcome all of you without judgment. Bring all of your good and bad days, your success, fears, joy, pain, beauty, and every other thing you have with you.

● You are opened to new perspectives while your resilience is strengthened, and you can set intentions for your future. •

● This Sister circle promotes the Courage, Confidence and, Commitment needed to step into your excellence and being a bold and fierce woman who is committed to doing whatever it takes for self-growth and abundance.


This is your chance to unlock your fierce energy, experience the undivided love, support, and attention of a group of women who are fully present for you in every moment.

But remember, the door is only open to 11 women, so you need to act fast.


The reason is so that each woman can be heard and to keep it safe.

Come and witness the magic that is borne out of a group of women opening up together and helping one another grow.

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