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What Clients say about Compleat Life Coaching


@Danielle Frazer – Teacher - Birmingham, United Kingdom

I feel like a better person, a better women, a better queen, a better mother, and friend. I have the strategies to set my goals and I feel motivated to achieve them. Thank you Christina, I can definitely call myself a Female Sovereign.


@Freya Begum – Mental health Student - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Working with Christina has allowed me to gain confidence within myself, confidence that I didn’t even know I had. I feel I am more powerful than I ever realised. You’ve made me feel a lot more confident, a lot more stronger and a lot more happier. I recommend everyone to join.


@Donna Storrod – PA to Vice Chancellor - Birmingham, United Kingdom

I have learnt in the last 6 weeks how to release my inner thoughts. Being able to talk openly and freely amongst this group of lovely women. In three weeks I was able to drop three dress sizes. I would recommend anyone to come onto the programme, just being able to be your true self has been great.