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Coronavirus is a threat to our  health, and the crisis is a threat to our mental health.  

We’re anxious, we’re frustrated, many of us are angry, bored, lonely. Some of us are about to burst juggling childcare with a madly busy job that just got busier and that we now have to do from the kitchen table, hoping our colleagues can’t see the mess in Zoom meetings.  These are difficult, unsettling, unprecedented times and we’re all feeling strong emotions. To make things worse, the lockdown is cutting off many of our usual ways of coping.  One of mine is swimming, but with pools closed I’m wishing I was one of those hardy ‘wild swimming’ types who won’t let a bit of ice put them off.  Sadly I’m not. 

Everywhere you look at the moment there’s advice about preserving our physical health.  But what about our mental health?  

There’s a lot we can’t control right now. But some things we still can, even if we have to get a bit creative.  The government has just published some wellbeing guidance.  

Personally I’m trying to plan my days to include each of the New Economics Foundation’s ‘five ways to wellbeing’ – the psychological equivalent of eating our ‘five a day’.  They are