About Me

Hello, I am Christina, your OVERWHELM to FREEDOM Coach!

Having overcome so many hurdles in her own personal life, Christina finds joy in helping especially professional women to overcome their overwhelming thoughts and behaviours, which are now presenting as challenges, to achieve a stress-free life, and become free to create the experience and lifestyle that best suits their desire. With a background in Neuro Lingusitic Programming, Counselling and Hypnotherapy, she has developed a formula that has a track record for breaking through even the toughest overwhelming everyday challenges and situations that especially professional women have to deal with. Christina's methods are unique, need-based, and there are born out of personal experiences as a career woman. Her coaching sessions come in a blend of theory, interventions, and skills that are uniquely designed to meet the individual needs of her clients.

 Christina will help you master emotional intelligence, that is, how to keep your emotions from getting the better of you. She will provide you with a step by step guide on how to be psychologically fit to build emotional health and wealth.  Contact Christina if you are looking to improve your communication and interpersonal skills, greater self-acceptance and self-esteem
the ability to change self-defeating behaviors/habits, better expression and management of emotions – anger, relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions, increased confidence and decision-making skills, the ability to manage stress effectively, improved problem solving and conflict resolution abilities.

Christina will show you how to Live a Life you Love to Live. Unapologetically happy.



 I operate a professional Life coaching practice online and within Birmingham, England, UK. All sessions occur via online zoom calls or from my private practice here in Birmingham, where we take the steps towards making positive changes in any aspect of your life.
Not only do I work in my private practice,  I also work part-time as a counselling tutor in Birmingham.
Prior to this, I worked in supportive roles within charities, the financial sector, and customer service, which has given me the experience needed to develop therapeutic relationships with other people. Even then I was providing a safe and inviting space, that gave people the confidence and opportunity to talk openly and freely.
Of course, my own life challenges, barriers, and difficulties lead me to access Counselling and Life coaching myself in the past, Which supported me out of a very low period in my life, Giving me a real appreciation and the understanding of how powerful it is in providing a change in one's life. along with continuing to access personal development and training, have helped me better prepare me for life as a life coach.

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What I Do

I help professional women to overcome their OVERWHELMING thoughts, feelings and behaviours to become free to create the life and lifestyle they Love to Live

The women I work with are successful, sophisticated action-taker who believe that having a support system is a vital key to thriving, and thus I seek to provide one.  using my empathic nature, exceptional skills in emotional intelligence, communication, problem-solving, and excellent service delivery.

Also known as The Overwhelm to freedom Coach, I help professional women who are experiencing overwhelm in the following areas of their lives: Work, Relationships and Family life. Symptoms you may be experiencing could include Overwhelm, overthinking, stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, low mood, self-sabotage, procrastination, limiting beliefs and substance increase.

The time is now! To take back control of your life, to live unapologetically happy, fulfilled, content, and to sleep easy. To fully enjoy the fruits of your labor and hard work. I will show you how to create and live the lifestyle you have always wanted.

With, real-life experience and the necessary skills and competencies, I will teach you high-value solutions through a customised blend of theory, interventions, techniques and strategies, tailored directly to achieving your unique outcomes.


My Compleat Life Coaching style seeks to inculcate emotional intelligence for women in a way that provides psychological fitness, as a foundation for building a sustainable legacy of emotional health and wealth.

Compleat Life Coaching core values are centred around love, integrity, commitment, excellence, and empowerment. caring about women and their needs.


It’s always okay to talk, as the power of self-discovery is birthed in such conversations. Compleat Life coaching can be key to feminine growth. 


Trust is the foundation of my work. Without it, clients do not feel they have the environment needed to get their desires. Together we develop a trustworthy and therapeutic relationship that gives you the tools and strategies needed to achieve your goals and dream life To achieve Happiness Right Now.

There is no judgement here. We are on a journey together, where the destination is to live unapologetically happy, fulfilled, content, and to sleep easy.


 Gone are the shackles holding you back and the weight pinning you down, replaced with empowerment, confidence, and belief to achieve anything you want.

Compleat Life Coaching


Is a customised unique blend of theories, techniques, interventions and strategies.


Encompassing counselling models to release you from the 3 Bs, your Baggage, Blocks and Blame from your past. Consistently holding you back.

Coaching is used to create a Life you Love to Live

So that you can have Happiness Right Now

NLP techniques

Life Coaching techniques

Counselling techniques

Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques

Time Line Therapy 

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Techniques

Counselling techniques

Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques

Education and Qualifications

I have regular ongoing training and supervision, committing to continual professional development to ensure I always provide the highest standard of work possible. 

Internationally certified Master Practitioner in Master Life coaching 

Internationally certified Master Practitioner in  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Internationally certified Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy

Internationally certified Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Certificate in Counselling

Certificate in Stress management

Certificate in Anxiety

Certificate in Domestic violence

Certificate in bereavement counselling

Certificate in conflict resolution

Certificate in Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Certificate in Meridian therapy

Certificate in mental health first aid
Certificate in motivational interviewing

Certificate in phobia cure technique