Is Your Emotional Baggage Holding You back?

We all carry around an invisible mental weight. Emotional baggage is the stored-up emotional responses to the past.

Every person effectively carries the emotional residue of each of their experiences, continuously loading up their emotional Baggage, which contains the associated emotions, stories, judgments, and beliefs.

A key factor in life transformation, personal development, or what my clients work on, personal evolution. Is starting that process with decisions that are based on what you would like and where you would like to end up. This sounds simple but these basic decisions can be hindered by a dysfunctional past, faulty thought patterns, and ineffective strategies.

Have you ever made a bad or impulsive decision and later wondered, “What the hell was I thinking?” Have you made these time and time again, and have they had detrimental effects on your life? If so, you may be making what I call Baggage based decisions.

These are decisions that you make stemming from dysfunctional thought patterns you most likely learned in childhood or as a young adult. They are decisions based on poor or faulty information that you have taken in, processed, and then applied to your overall view of yourself in the world. They may be decisions that are keeping you depressed, anxious, or angry. They may be feeding a poor self-esteem as you perceive them as further evidence that something is wrong with you. They are stopping you living a Life you Love to Live.

I used to load my Baggage up with Overwhelming thoughts and feelings of rejection and abandonment. Of course, this was subconscious out of my full awareness. I just knew I would feel constantly shit, hurt, lonely, and would consistently sabotage my own success. Others always saw potential in me, but I would get so far in my career and leave. Why, because my self-worth and self-esteem was low, I did not think I was good enough for higher-paid roles and positions. The message of Rejection came from being ripped from my family and all I knew, to be placed with a family I did not know, in an unfamiliar city. Although, it seemed to be for my best, but as a child, you are not privy to the conversations and decisions made on your behalf. I internalised feelings of rejection because I was not good enough. So I continued to load up my Baggage with experiences of rejection, hurt, and anger. Distorting situations in my head to fit my narrative to align with the story I was stuck in, the story where I would tell myself I am not good enough, no one likes me, And so the self-sabotage begins, the Depressed feelings, and anxious thoughts. Before I knew it I was putting everyone at arm's length and just functioning day to day, sad and unhappy.

The hardest part to admit was that I was putting myself in this hole, I was now an adult living a life that I was choosing to live. Heavily loaded with my Baggage from the past, and the weight I felt was unbearable. But it was still my choice to try and carry that Baggage around with me every day.

It was not until I sought help and support to Offload my Overwhelm and unload my Baggage. That I could start to see clearly for what situations and experiences where. Choosing life on my terms, without the dysfunctional, distorted thinking patterns and ineffective strategies from my past Baggage. To become Free to Live the Life, I Love to Live.

Beautiful Bosses, Have a lovely day💙 Love Christina x

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