What to Expect

Everyone faces difficulties in life. From family conflicts to relationship breakdowns to issues in the workplace, life throws many challenges that leave us with feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Sometimes it feels like there is no hope for the future. Asking for help is difficult, yet everyone needs help at one time or another, so how do you get help when you struggle to talk about your problems? For many, the answer lies in professional counselling.

Counselling is about finding answers to your own questions, with the help and guidance of a trained counsellor. There is no judgement, no right or wrong, just a conversation between two people that want the same outcome - feeling happy within yourself and life.

My counselling sessions offer a safe and confidential space where we work together to enable positive changes. I am not doing all the work either. In most cases I simply guiding you through a journey of self-discovery, where you facilitate your own changes. This judgement free environment is built upon respect and trust between both parties.

I deeply respect all clients and am fully committed to help them in every way possible. I hope to be the catalyst that brings change through help and support, giving clients the guidance that they need to work through their difficulties.

Clients that have successfully received counselling always feel a weight has been lifted from them. This newfound relief is one of the first signs of losing the heavy weight that was holding them down in life. The process takes varying lengths of time depending on the individual, with counselling being both short-term and long-term treatments.

The environment of counselling is important. I provide a safe, supportive, and caring place for you to explore any of your concerns openly.

Uncertainty over the future is another common cause, while for others the root of their problem lies in the past, struggling to come to terms with something that makes the present so difficult.  For many people, talking with the people they are closest to helps to alleviate the negative feelings that are part of life. However, not everyone finds it easy to confide in others. Whether guarding their emotions or not wanting to upset people they love, sometimes it’s just difficult to open up.