The Female Sovereign Programme

Have You Ever Felt Dissatisfied About The State Of Your Life? Do You Feel Like There Are Certain Barriers That Are Holding You Back From Being Your Best?


Then you’re not alone! Like you, thousands of women admit to feeling unfulfilled about their lives, despite the appearance of success they have

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can find peace, purpose and fulfilment for your life.

Maybe you’re dealing with feelings like frustration, anxiety, guilt, blame and shame. Or even self- loathing, hate and disgust for yourself. A high-flying career and a beautiful home but beneath all these is a layer of deep pain and intense struggle.


Yes, you can!

Join The Female sovereign Team and other select women for a 6 Week Holistic Women’s
Empowerment Programme in Birmingham.

This Programme is designed to support and help professional women who are struggling to cope with Baggage, Blocks and Blame - the 3 B’s that hold back many of us from being our best.

The Female Sovereign Team who will teach you how to release your Baggage, Blocks and Blame, and enjoy a truly fulfilled life, where your needs and desires are met.

You will also gain access to a vibrant network of women who will be your Solid Support group throughout your growth process

Don’t miss out on this chance to get rid of the 3 Bs and say goodbye to the depression and anxiety that threatens to overwhelm you!

Contact us for more information today

0121 752 6299 or 07387 771201